Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Three advantages of keeping oral hygiene

In our life, it is important to live for a long time. But to live a healthy life is more important. There are many ways to keep health. Some people focus on exercise, diet and periodic medical checkup for health. However, there is a method that is not considered important but can be very effective if we try doing continuously. That method is to keep oral hygiene. Oral hygiene means to keep clean teeth, tongue and gums by using tooth brush, dental floss, tongue cleaner and gargle solution. It simply begins with brushing teeth and scaling and goes up to treatment at dental clinic. The reasons include improving one’s confidence, maintaining one’s health and saving time and money.

The first advantages of keeping oral hygiene is to improve one’s confidence. When somenone meets other person, they have a conversation within a close distance and we can see one’s face cleary. If someone have dark-colored teeth, some missing teeth, red gums and bad breath, almost every person don’t have any good feeling during conversation. Wrong and careless brushing teeth can cause tooth decay and periodontitis, so these make dark colored teeth and red gums due to inflammation of gums. Periodontitis cause loosing teeth also. Bad breath is also made by not cleaning tongue and oral mucosa. Because there are many spaces in our mouth for hiding and growing of microbes which make byproducts causing not only periodontitis, cavities but also bad breath. Debris of food help bad breath be more serious.

The second advantages of keeping oral hygiene is to maintain one’s health. Clean mouth gives us prevention of minor disease such as cold. Many germs that come into our mouth can cause cold. We can reduce the number of germs and chance to catch cold by brushing teeth and rinsing mouth. Cold makes our body weaker and vulnerable to other disease. Healthy oral condition has no limitation in taking food, especially hard ones like vegetables, fruits and meat. No teeth or mobile teeth cannot perform their chewing function properly. Oral hygiene can prevent dental pain. Dental pain is known as the most serious pain that cannot be endured. Advanced dental cavities and gum inflammation make severe dental pain. Prevention of oral disease reduces chance to be suffered from serious pain.

The third advantage of keeping oral hygiene is to save time, money, and effort. Dental treatments need from one to several visits of dental clinic. Preventive treatment ends up in one visit but periodontal or dental pulp treatment requires several visits. If we keep clean our mouth, preventive treatment can be the only treatment in dental clinic. Usually dental treatments are high cost. Even though simple treatment costs several ten dollars, many complex treatments cost more than several thousand dollars. Keeping oral hygiene can decrease the degree of self-oral care. In other words, the worse oral condition, the more intensive and several home cares are needed. Someone that has advanced oral disease must make more brushing teeth, more flossing, more dental checking and more interests.

Most people think that keeping oral hygiene continuously is nothing and not seriously. The one thing that we must know is oral disease including cavities, periodontitis, and mucosal inflammation progress chronically and step by step but from some bad situation it goes faster and more seriously. Only if we assign just 15 minutes a day to clean our mouth, we can improve our self confidence, get advantages in maintaining our health and save our valuable time and money.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Advantages of keeping oral hygiene

In our life, it is important to live for a long time. But to live a healthy and beautiful life is more important. There are many ways to keep health and beauty. Some people focus on exercise, diet, periodic medical check-up and plastic surgery for health and beauty. However, there is a method that is not considered important but can be very effective to enrich our life if we try doing continuously. That method is to keep oral hygiene. It simply begins with brushing teeth and goes up to preventive treatment and scaling at dental clinic. The reasons include improving one’s appearance, maintaining one’s health and saving time and money.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Journal Entry #33

What are you going to do over the 3 day weekend?

On saturday, I had a rest and overslept untill 8 am. At lunch, I went to Japanese sushi restaurant 'Todai' with my children and my sister. After lunch, we took a walk aroud the 'East Village Plaza' in which Todai is located. That looked different from Brea where I live. We really enjoyed weekend afternoon. On sunday, we went to the church at 11 am. Today's sermon was about . After service, we had happy lunch time with other people at church. At home we watched the movie 'Air Force One'. That movis is about kidnapping of persident's airplane and after all the president saved his airplane and his officers. The main actor was Harrison Ford who is my favorate actor. Tommorrow, we will go to a museum or park. If my sons listen to me well, I promied them to go to amusement park, if not, to stay home or to go to somewhere near home. Whether stay home or go amusement park, having a holiday is always happy thimg.

Journal Entry #32

Thanksgiving is coming up soon. What three things are you most thankful for?

At first, God gave me good husband and lovely three children. When I was not married, I didn't like children. But after I had three children, a point of view about children was changed dramatically. So I am trying to be a good mom and wife. Second, I want to thank for my job. Now, I'm here for my English study, but after I go back to my home country I'll continue my job. I'm very satisfied with my job and when I'll be old, I will do my job for poor people. Third, I an thankful to have my affirmative thinking. There was some distresses in my life. But when I felt that I was tough with that always tried to do something harder than before and lived more devotedly. I always want to live with thankful mind.

Journal Entry #31

Generally telling a lie is said to be a bad thing. Whether it is on the purpose of good or bad, telling a lie isn't recommended in any situation. But sometimes one must do that. There is a person who has a severe diesase. If he/she would not rather know the fact for his/her mental stability, his/her family don't tell about it to that patient. There is another example.
A man who is in despair needs hearty consolation. A friend or family who give a consolation to him, although they are not sure that his situations get better, they must console him to recover his mood of despair. So sometimes it is helpful to some people to tell a lie. But in that case it has no harmful effect except a consolation.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Journal Entry #30

Does it matter what strangers think of you? Do you care if everyone likes you or are you content just being yourself? Write a paragraph explaining your answer.

I think that everybody has two-sided mind. One is to be loved from many people, the other is to be freely from others. When I was twenties, it was very important to be loved by others. So I spent much time to make myself more intelligent, good-looking and good-natured. When I got along with many friends, I felt so happy.

But now... I am thirties. It is good if everyone likes me. But above all, it is more important not to belong to any other person and keep going my way. My way can be my family, my job, or etc. The most important thing is not other people but myself. Nevertherless, to being oneself looks very lonely. To make a harmony between to be loved by many people and to being alone is very important.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Journal Entry #29

Post your scary story. We're going to read the stories on Wednesday!

Group: Tom / Ai Nguyen / Thao Dao / Mira Na


It was a rainy and windy night in a suburban hospital. A doctor was tired from being on duty all
day long. He walked slowly into a dark obsolete elevator. In that elevator there was an old woman with white hair and shriveled face. He asked her about her heaith, and how long she had been there. The old woman said it was too long to remember how many years she had been there. The elevator slowly went down and opened when it stopped at the fifth floor. The fifth floor was the place where the dead are stored. Surprisingly, there was a little girl who wanted to get inside. He was shocked and chilled to the bone to see her. He pushed the close button quickly to prevent the little girl from getting in side. After that, the elevator kept going. The old lady asked why he prevented the little girl form getting inside. The doctor replied the little girl had a number on her neck that the doctors always print on the dead. She nodded and took off her jacket slowly... She had another number on her neck.